These sorts of questionnaires are not uncommon in my industry, and, in general, I don’t resent them. I am certain any tech job listing gets inundated with well-meaning dolts who have just learned how to put the right acronyms on resumes but have no experience or talent. Hey, fair enough. 

I don’t mind having to prove to a potential employer that I possess basic critical thinking skills. What I don’t care for is when these “assessments” become discriminatory.

I spent about a year at Greenville College. They’re a liberal arts university that, at the time, had fallen victim to the “Meyers-Briggs” personality test scam that has since been widely debunked by experts all around the globe. If you think you can get a useful image of someone’s personality from a 15-minute test in a browser window, I will assume a horse has kicked most of your brains out of your head. 

For the record, I answered all questions honestly. I do pay all my bills on time. I haven’t missed a Spectrum payment in a literal decade. I have a good FICO score, own a home, and I paid off my own student loans several years ago. I was fortunate to be able to do those things, and being that privileged doesn’t make me a better candidate than someone who doesn’t have the funds to pay a bill. Folks miss payments everyday for reasons that are not their fault, so the Scrooge McFuck who wrote these questions can throw themselves down a well. 

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